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Debra Kahn of Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia on Philanthropic Trends

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Debra Kahn, Executive Director of Philanthropy Network Great Philadelphia, was recently interviewed about trends in philanthropy by Fairmont Ventures, a consulting firm based in Philadelphia. When asked "What trends have you seen nationally that might be applicable to the Greater Philadelphia region?" Kahn responded:

Finding ways to collaborate effectively—among funders and with nonprofits and government—because issues are too complex to address alone.
Another trend is changing demographics, especially a younger generation and more diversity, along with new forms of philanthropy, including the explosion in Donor Advised Funds, beyond foundation, corporate and individual giving. This also includes online giving, where it’s fascinating to me to see the kinds of funds that can be generated for social ventures as well as pure nonprofit philanthropic purposes. That’s something to watch.
There also is a renewed focus on place-based funding to create change in a geographic area and then possibly look to scale up. The role of philanthropy beyond funding - in convening, supporting research, providing volunteers and other types of assistance - is also getting attention.
Read the full interview here.
Kahn was also quoted in The Philadelphia Public School Notebookan independent, nonprofit news service serving thousands of supporters of the Philadelphia public schools, on the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, branded in Philadelphia as the "Read by 4th" campaign. Kahn said, "It's obvious that all of us need to do a better job" in getting children to be proficient readers, "what's missing is collective strategy." This campaign is providing that, she said, adding, "We have our work cut out for us." Read more about the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading in Philadelphia and the role of Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia in the initiative.
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