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D5 Launches Take 5 Campaign

Monday, March 10, 2014
In a blog post last month, the Center for Effective Philanthropy highlighted findings from a recent report which addresses foundation CEOs’ perception of the racial diversity of leadership in the context of foundation effectiveness. 
Nearly half of CEOs believe that “foundations would be able to create more impact if their leadership teams were more racially diverse.” Additionally, 47% of CEOs believed that “foundations would be able to create more impact if their governing boards were more racially diverse.” 
The Forum’s work on diversity is highlighted by our involvement with the D5 Coalition.  A collaborative effort of over a dozen other organizations and associations, D5 is a coalition that serves to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in philanthropy by 2015. 
D5 exists to tackle some of the very issues mentioned in CEP’s report. In that spirit, D5 has launched the Take 5 Campaign, an initiative to empower champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and inspire foundations to take action. The campaign capitalizes on D5's most valuable resource -people- by helping them engage others in promoting and advancing DEI.
The Take 5 Campaign mobilizes champions of DEI to build support for the movement among peers within their own foundations as well as colleagues in other foundations. The goal: by 2015, 100 champions will pledge to take 5 actions to help advance DEI in the field of philanthropy.
Visit the Take 5 page of the D5 website for more information about how to become part of the campaign.