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Courtney Moore Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Saturday, December 31, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, there is one important milestone that should not go unrecognized. This year marks the 10 years of service to the Forum Network by our Member Services and Operations Manager Courtney Moore.

Courtney first joined the Forum in February 2006 as a Communications and Member Services Intern while attending American University. After graduating with a degree in Public Communication, Courtney was brought on full-time that June starting as a Program Associate for Programs and Education. Through the years, Courtney has been the backbone of the Forum’s institutional knowledge and has taken on increasing responsibility in the areas of membership and services, our national conferences, Salesforce administration, and the Forum’s extensive surveys of the field.   

Below we reflect on her accomplishments through the years as friends, colleagues, and peers offer their congratulations.

David Biemesderfer, President & CEO, Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers

Courtney has been an incredibly dedicated, hard-working, and versatile employee at the Forum. We’re appreciative of her past contributions to the Forum and look forward to her future contributions as part of the Forum team that is working to expand our network to be the place where philanthropy’s infrastructure comes together. Courtney is a critical point of contact for our current regional members and our new national members, helping to meet their needs and leverage the full power of our nationwide philanthropic network.

Mary O’Neill, Director of Operations, Forum of Regional Associaitons of Grantmakers

When Courtney arrived at the Forum as an college intern in 2006, little did she know that we would never let her leave! Courtney is so vital to the operation of the Forum that I could not imagine our organization without her. My daughters refer to Courtney as my boss and I never correct them because they are basically correct.

Courtney knows the Forum inside and out and is the backbone to everything we do.  She is the first point of contact for our members when they have questions, she makes sure all of our administrative needs are met, she has played a major role in every conference and Foundations on the Hill, and in the last few years has become our resident Salesforce expert.   She is also an excellent lunch companion despite her ultra-healthy eating habits and her many limitations on the type of restraurants we can visit.  It has been a pleasure working with her for the last ten years and watching her develop from a young college student to a knowledgeable, accomplished professional.  

Val Rozansky, Vice President of Knowledge Services, Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers

It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Courtney across the last ten years.  She is the secret sauce that keeps the Forum organized and streamlined. You can count on her to not only deliver her project contributions on time and within budget, but also keep everyone else involved and on schedule. She’s demanding but fair.

The epitome of organizational knowledge, Courtney is incredibly hardworking and diligent, attentive to detail, and responsive to the needs of our members. She’s able to effortlessly shift between different working styles and organizational cultures – an indispensable skill for an association staffer.

Her personal and professional growth over the years has been notable. For example, it’s been only few years since we adopted Salesforce as the association management database of choice across the Forum Network, a program she didn’t know at all. Today she’s managing Forum’s operations on Salesforce, running sophisticated reports, event registrations, dues, mailings, and more. She’s converting data for organizations on our collective technology platform and training regional association staff. In 2017 she will be officially certified as a Salesforce Administrator!

If I’m so lucky to work another 10 years alongside Courtney, it will be my privilege. Thank you, Courtney!

Amy Seasholtz, Interim Executive Director, Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia

Courtney is a gem!  She has been my go-to resource at the Forum for almost as long as I can remember. As a decade-long veteran, she has the inside track on what’s happening around the regional association network. From the summer conference to Salesforce and everything in between, I can always count on Courtney to have the answer to any question I send her way. 

Christopher Johnson, Director of Programs and Learning, Florida Philanthropic Network

Though I have worked in membership associations my entire career I have never been afforded the support, guidance, and resources that I have received being a member of the Forum of Regional Association of Grantmakers.  My primary source of this assistance has been none other than Courtney Moore.  I have found her responsiveness, professionalism, and experience to be matched by few.  Professionally, I’m truly appreciative to be able to call on her when in need.  Personally, I’m even more proud to call her a friend.

Michelle Slingerland, Director of Communications, San Diego Grantmakers

Courtney was one of the first contacts I made in the Forum’s regional association network when I joined more than six years ago – she was then, and still is, always one of the most helpful, knowledgeable, and just plain pleasant people to work with! We’re lucky to have Courtney. Cheers to Courtney’s 10 years of hard work and dedication to our field!

Carla Batts, Office Manager, Florida Philanthropic Network

Over the past 4 years I’ve been at Florida Philanthropic Network, I have really enjoyed getting to know Courtney. From my very first week here, she was so friendly and helpful with getting me information on attending the new hire training at the Forum conference in Pittsburgh to help me feel welcome and acclimated to the regional association world. Her patience and fun sense of humor with all of my constant Salesforce questions (among many others!) is priceless and much-appreciated. Whether I’m making a request or just picking her brain, I always get a quick and professional response from Courtney.  She is an amazing asset to the Forum and the network. 


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