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Forum Logo and Visual Identity

To reflect Forum’s vision and membership structure, the organization completed an extensive rebranding effort with MPK&D Partners. With board members, Vision Design Group (VDG) members, Forum staff and MPK&D consultants working together, a new name and visual identity were developed and announced at the 2017 Annual Conference in San Francisco.

The mark is a stylized Roman forum that reflects United Philanthropy Forum’s values of inclusion, collaboration and positive energy. It represents individual organizations coming together to form a dynamic network that is welcoming to new members and united in its commitment to the common good. 

Overall, the logo is a positive visual representation of the transformed organization, unifying and strengthening the field of philanthropy.


Forum color palette

Forum blue and Forum green, used in the brand mark and other materials, were chosen for balance and to reflect the new growth of the Forum. Forum blue is a brighter version of the organization’s historical identity color; Forum green represents her fresh vision.



Pantone 307
RGB 0, 109, 158
HEX #006d9e


Pantone 368
RGB 119, 189, 167
HEX #77bc43


Black is used in type and in the tagline. Color values are built into each logo file. Whenever possible, include the tagline “A network for the common good” with Forum’s brand mark. White space equivalent to the height of the upper bars of the “F” in “FORUM” should be kept around all four sides of the logo.


Forum logo assets

The most commonly used logos are included below for downloading. If you're a member of the Forum, please click here to download the appropriate Proud Member logo for your website and materials. For additional logo formats and information on Forum’s brand identity, please contact Courtney Moore.