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Our Network at a Glance

Below is a quick overview of the people, organizations, and numbers behind the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers.

Breakdown of regional association grantmaking members by foundation type.

Regional association members
  • 33 regional association (RA) members participate in the Forum Network
  • $37,353,694 total annual operating budget  
  • In business an average of 34 years (first 1948, latest 2010)
Participating organizations
  • over 6,200 participating organizations 
  • over 4,700 (76% of total) are grantmaking entities 
  • 188 active regional association affinity groups
  • 538 regional association board members 
  • Average of 16 board members per regional (with a range from 8 to 25)
  • 12 Forum board members (10 regional CEOs and staff, 2 independent directors)
  • 281 regional staff (207 full-time, 22 part-time, 52 contract staff)
  • 5 Forum office staff and 1 dedicated consultant


Our Members

National Organizations

Africa Grantmakers' Affinity Group
Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy 
The Center for Effective Philanthropy
Council on Foundations
Early Childhood Funders' Collaborative
Economic Opportunity Funders
Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy
Environmental Grantmakers Association
Funders Concerned About AIDS
Funders' Committee for Civic Participation
Funders for LGBTQ Issues 
Funders for Reproductive Equity 
Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities
Funders Together to End Homelessness
Fund the People 
Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
Grantmakers in Aging
Hispanics in Philanthropy
Health & Environmental Funders Network 
Human Rights Funders Network
International Funders for Indigenous Peoples 
Media Impact Funders 
Mission Investors Exchange 
National Center for Family Philanthropy 
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy 
National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers
Native Americans in Philanthropy
Neighborhood Funders Group
Peace and Security Funders Group 
PEAK Grantmaking 
Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity
Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders 
Technology Affinity Group

Regional Organizations

Arizona Grantmakers Forum
Colorado Association of Funders
Connecticut Council for Philanthropy
Council of Michigan Foundations
Council of New Jersey Grantmakers  
Florida Philanthropic Network
Forefront (IL)
Gateway Center for Giving
Grantmakers Council of Rhode Island
Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington
Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania
Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
Iowa Council of Foundations
Kansas Association of Community Foundations
League of California Community Foundations 
Maine Philanthropy Center
Maryland Philanthropy Network
Mid-South Philanthropy Network
Minnesota Council on Foundations
Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy
New Mexico Association of Grantmakers
North Carolina Network of Grantmakers
Northeastern Pennsylvania Grantmakers
Northern California Grantmakers
NY Funders Alliance
Orange County Grantmakers
Philanthropy Delaware
Philanthropy Massachusetts
Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia
Philanthropy New York
Philanthropy Northwest
Philanthropy Ohio
Philanthropy Southwest
Philanthropy West Virginia
Red de Fundaciones de Puerto Rico Inc
San Diego Grantmakers
Southeastern Council of Foundations
Southern California Grantmakers
Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers
Wisconsin Philanthropy Network

Our Staff

David Biemesderfer

President & CEO

Ivana Bikombe

Administrative Associate

Matt Hennessy

Senior Manager of Policy

Brandon Iracks-Edelin

Newman's Own Foundation Fellow

Courtney Moore

Associate Director, Member Services

Maggie Osborn

Chief Strategy Officer

Val Rozansky

Vice President of Knowledge Services

Kim Snipes

Senior Manager of Knowledge Services