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The Knowledgebase (KB) is a shared archive of hundreds of resources for grantmakers and philanthropy serving organizations provided by the Forum and its association members. Resources provided include documents, links, reports, sample materials, job postings and more that are fully indexed and easily searchable. Drawing from the best of our network, which represents over 5,500 grantmaking entities and partners, this collective archive harnesses the knowledge of the top philanthropic leaders and practitioners.

Knowledgebase resources can be found through a simple sitewide search using the search box at the top of the page or through the more targeted resource search.

If your staff member is conducting research or a literature review for a particular project or subject area and finds documents and links helpful to them, the staff member should consider if these documents might be helpful to others. If so, the staff member should submit the documents for approval. It is our hope that the process of finding good documents will be integrated into the existing workflow of our members. Submissions can be made via the online form below or KM Partners can submit resources to the KB for approval directly through their sites (for a quick review of how to do this, contact Val Rozansky).