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Knowledge Management Collaborative

Over the past decade, United Philanthropy Forum has been leading a Knowledge Management Collaborative powered by an integrated Drupal-Salesforce technology platform. Over 30 national and regional philanthropy-serving organizations (PSOs) around the country and the Forum work closely together in a thriving peer support and learning community. By deploying cutting edge technologies and collective purchasing power, we build/support robust and responsive association websites that are fully integrated with Salesforce-powered membership databases.
Our platform has been featured as a case study in the e-book 8 Amazing Drupal Launches and at Dreamforce, the Salesforce users conference. The Salesforce Suite developed for our platform now has over 60,000 downloads on and is being used by many nonprofit organizations, including United Way!
Our platform has substantially raised the capacity of all participating organizations to serve their respective members, created internal efficiencies by streamlining operations, and leveled the playing field among them, all at a significantly reduced cost. A signature resource of the Forum network, the Knowledgebase is a shared online resource archive for grantmakers provided by our members.
The sites launched on the integrated Drupal-Salesforce platform feature clean, user-friendly design and provide advanced search capabilities for ease of use that matches the best on the web. Check out the Mission Investors Exchange, Neighborhood Funders Group, Council of Michigan Foundations, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees and Northern California Grantmakers sites to see what we mean!
Our technology platform is now open to all members of the Forum! Please review the announcement and contact Val Rozansky with any questions and information on how to join!

What Our Members Are Saying

William Corkill"We've participated in KM Collaborative for many years and saved tens of thousands of dollars while gaining access to more technology and expertise than we could ever afford or handle independently. Our network has an unprecedented level of collaboration where we see colleagues, now friends, helping each other across the country every day. It is incredibly rewarding to be part of this collaborative!"
William Corkill, Senior Vice President, Council of Michigan Foundations
Kristen Ruff"Through active participation in the KM collaborative, we continue to build our capacity as an organization. We are leveraging robust systems that support our infrastructure and ability to carry out our mission. And we are developing our staff capacity thanks to the wealth of knowledge routinely shared by our colleagues around the country. We continue to invest in this collaborative, with our staff time and resources, because the value to PNY and our members is tremendous."
Kristen Ruff, Senior Vice President, Philanthropy New York
Phuong Pham"This collaboration has given us access to leading technology solutions - at a fraction of the cost we’d pay if we were to implement them on our own – and they have fundamentally improved the way we do business. Through the Forum, we’ve built a robust learning community for participants and created an invaluable collection of resources."
Phuong Pham, Director, Philanthropy California
Anjali Deshmukh“Forum’s KM community and collective technology platform saves us thousands of dollars in technology costs while building a network of knowledgeable colleagues who are always willing to help us learn and further our mission through technology. Thank you for your continuing partnership and support!”
Anjali Deshmukh, Vice President, Mission Investors Exchange