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Grants Management Software

Regional association staff often field questions from grantmakers about what grants management software to use and how to navigate the territory of choices. To help Forum members connect quickly to the answers, this page features the latest research by your colleagues who are tracking and discussing the software, blending their expertise with their insights into what grantmakers really need.

Audio and materials developed by Council of Michigan Foundations to help Community Foundations select Grants Management Software, including the development of a functional requirement document, vendor comparison chart, staff survey, and lessons learned.
Listen to the audio recording of the May 25, 2011 with Laura Quinn of Idealware about grants management software.
Streamlining Online Grant Applications: A Review of Vendors evaluates seven different vendors against a set of essential and gold standard features for online applications and reporting, to help grantmakers identify the best systems to support their grantmaking.
The Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems, an 169 page independent report, provides a rundown of common features and overviews of 20 systems, as well as detailed reviews, prices, and a comparison chart of nine of the software packages most widely used by grantmakers.
The Forum has partnered with the Grants Managers Network and the Foundation Center to offer a series of short webinars for grantmakers focusing on how to extract useful information from specific grants management software platforms. Grantmakers are hearing a lot about the importance of data standards and exchanges. But what does that mean and what's in it for you? Let us help demystify the talk and share some concrete ways that you can contribute to and benefit from this new level of detailed information. This series is open to regional associations and their members. Contact Davis Parchment at the Foundation Center with any questions.