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Webinar: Lessons Learned from Communities Ending Chronic and Veteran Homelessness

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm EST
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Communities are working tirelessly to reach functional zero in chronic and veteran homelessness. What can philanthropy do to help take the last critical steps to reaching zero?

In December, we asked Beth Sandor from Community Solutions what we need to do differently to create large scale change in homelessness. She outlined the tools and systems change work that the Built for Zero initiative is utilizing in communities across the county to end chronic and veteran homelessness.

In this webinar, we will hear directly from two of the communities who have reached functional zero. Julia Orlando, Director of The Bergen County Housing, Health and Human Service Center in NJ, will discuss how her community ended chronic homelessness and Mary Simons, Executive Director of Open Doors Homeless Coalition will speak to ending veteran homelessness in her community of Gulfport, MS. We welcome back Beth Sandor, who will interview these community representatives.

We will hear specifically how rigorous data and committed funding partners are essential to reaching and maintaining functional zero. As well as dig deep into the lessons they learned that may be helpful to other communities looking to take that last step.

Angela D'Orazio, Program Officer at Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland will offer a funder perspective and speak about her community of Cuyahoga County and the steps being taken to reach functional zero by the year 2020.

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