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The Future of American Generosity: More Data, New Insights, Greater Impact

There’s a sentence we’ve heard and said time and time again: “America is the most generous nation in the world.” You may say it during your Hill meetings during FOTH this year or in years past, and given the record giving levels we’ve seen over the past several decades, it would be hard to dispute. But, generosity is changing. And although it is an often-cited marker, giving money isn’t the only form of generosity. Volunteerism, civic engagement, mutual aid, helping an elderly neighbor grocery shop during a global pandemic – that’s all generosity as well, just versions that are not as easily quantified.

Enter the Generosity Commission, a group formed to study the future of generosity in America through both quantitative and qualitative research, and offer strategic, research-based recommendations, including policy recommendations, designed to encourage generosity, all through a lens of what’s politically possible. During this panel, Generosity Commission leaders will make the case for “why now?” They’ll discuss the integral role philanthropy will play in encouraging and shaping the future of giving, volunteering, and civic engagement, and leave time for Q&A to not only answer your burning questions but also receive your feedback.

Date & Time: 
Thursday, March 25, 2021 -
1:15pm to 2:15pm EDT