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Strategic Time Horizons in Philanthropy: A Conversation on Foundation Perspectives and Experiences

Thursday, February 25, 2021 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm EST
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In response to the urgent needs highlighted by the events of 2020, many donors began to think more intentionally about the intersection of longevity, impact, and spending. These discussions, which implicate the time horizon of organizations or programs, seek to explore:

  • How might donors better serve their mission by strategically assessing their time horizon?
  • What should philanthropies consider when assessing an appropriate time horizon for their organization or program?
  • If a change in time horizon is warranted, what are steps in the process of change?

This webinar on Strategic Time Horizons in Philanthropy: A Conversation on Foundation Perspectives and Experiences is an opportunity to join the conversation and hear from:  

  • David McGhee, Vice President of Organizational Excellence and Impact at Skillman Foundation, an in-perpetuity organization with deep roots in education in Detroit, Michigan
  • Lori Bezahler, President of Edward W. Hazen Foundation, which recently decided to spend down all its resources to address systemic injustices in the United States.
  • Kalyah Ford, Senior Researcher of RPA, who will share insights and examples from more than 20 interviews she conducted over the past year with global foundation leaders.

In addition, all webinar registrants will receive access to three new publications immediately following the webinar:

  • Strategic Time Horizons in Philanthropy: Key Trends and Considerations
  • Strategic Time Horizons in Philanthropy: Strategy in Action
  • In Their Own Words: Foundation Stories and Perspectives on Time-Limited Philanthropy
Host Organization(s): 
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
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