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Safeguarding Opportunities for Funders and Foundations

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 -
9:30am to 10:30am EDT
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As funders that support child-serving organizations here in RI, keeping children safe is a core priority for us and our grantee partners. Join us as we learn from a national expert in policies and producers related to preventing abuse, and how we as funders can support our grantees in this area. 

Funders have significant influence to catalyze a culture change in the organizations they fund by elevating, prioritizing, and actively promoting the safety and protection of children and vulnerable adults. They also play a critical role in providing access to essential resources, especially for organizations that lack the capacity and financial means to develop effective models of abuse prevention and safeguarding policies.

Join Praesidium, a national leader in abuse risk management, for a webinar that introduces funders to foundational safeguarding concepts, like the scope of abuse risk and how abuse happens within different industries and grantee organizations. Funders will be encouraged to reflect upon their own internal safeguarding policies and expectations as well as learn opportunities to assess and support a grantee organization’s abuse prevention efforts.

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