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Race Matters Institute Webinar Part 3: Decision-making Matters - A Deeper Application of the Racial Equity Impact Analysis Tool

Thursday, January 24, 2019 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm EST
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During this webinar, we will examine how this tool from the Race Matters Toolkit consists of five questions that can be asked regarding any policy, practice, protocol, strategy, or decision, either existing or proposed. The intent of the tool is to test ideas to determine if there is a disparate impact by race. In this 90-minute session, participants dig deeper into the functionality of the tool and experience its capability to generate new solutions. The tool can be used immediately, with tasks residing on your desk no matter what kind of work you do.

This is Part 3 of a four-part webinar series, led by Race Matters Institute, that will cover a range of tools for understanding the history of racial inequity in homelessness, conducting a racial equity impact analysis, and developing strategies to advance racial equity in your organization.

Please note: This webinar is only open to members of Funders Together, private funders, United Ways, and philanthropy-serving organizations.