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PEAK Grantmaking Minnesota Regional Chapter presents Walking the Talk: Putting Values-Based Grantmaking into Practice

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 -
9:00am to 11:00am CST
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All grantmakers have values, whether they are stated explicitly or revealed implicitly through grantmaker practices, which inform and guide the foundation’s view of the world. The practices are often the only perspective that the world has, in turn, about that foundation’s values.

PEAK Grantmaking’s research suggests that foundations, now more than ever, are thinking about how to “walk the talk” — how to identify their institutional values and embed these values into their grantmaking practices. Grantmakers have a unique opportunity to initiate and support these conversations, and encourage the growth and spread of values-based grantmaking.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss PEAK Grantmaking’s research into values-based grantmaking, and provide participants with concrete skills to initiate conversations with colleagues and organizational leaders around aligning grantmaking practice with values.

Workshop Goals:

  • Share learning on grantmaking institutions that are articulating values and linking them to practices
  • Provide a set of tools for grantmakers to advance conversations within their own organizations on values based grantmaking, and a space to practice those conversations
  • Increase grantmakers’ capacity to move organizations forward on their journey to articulating and “living” their values


  • Nikki Powell, Communications & Practices Director, PEAK Grantmaking
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