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Mid Summer State Analyses + Funding Gaps Discussion

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 -
3:00pm to 4:00pm EDT
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As 2020 rapidly evolves, Both/And has worked with organizing leaders in 12 states across the Midwest, Southwest, and Southeast to identify emerging priorities. As part of its State Landscape Assessments, Both/And’s quarterly state landscape updates work to reflect critical and immediate gaps in civic engagement programs. This discussion will provide the latest top line findings — including shifting field and digital strategies, COVID-19 adaptations, responsive racial justice organizing, and corresponding funding gaps — as state organizations in places like Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, and Wisconsin enter into the final phase of the election cycle.

Both/And’s Quarterly Update memos are available on its invite only Resource Portal (sign up for access or email Both/And).

Moderator: Ilona Prucha, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund & FCCP Co-Chair


Trish Welte, Both/And

Katrina Gamble, Arizona, Georgia, and Minnesota Both/And State Liaison

Cristina Uribe, Colorado, Ohio, and Wisconsin Both/And State Liaison

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