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Managing the Maelstrom: An FCAA Advocacy Network Convening

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 -
10:00am to 3:00pm EDT
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Join Funders Concerned about AIDS (FCAA) for a two-part discussion on managing both the political and social challenges we face as funders of public health and social justice work today.

Where do we find ourselves now over a year into the Trump Administration? What is the status of the Federal budget and appropriations on domestic and global health and HIV? What policy threats are on the agenda? Our first panel will break down the budget and emerging Federal priorities and discuss where support for advocacy is needed the most, particularly within most impacted communities. 

Building on the attention surrounding the recent release of the President’s “Opioid Plan,” the next panel will look for commonalities and opportunities in the response to the country’s colliding opioid, HIV and Hepatitis C epidemics – an unfortunate yet alarmingly perfect case study of a public health crisis. 

That failure to address demand for opioids — through expanding harm reduction and drug treatment, prevention and education, in parallel with supply reduction approaches — has fostered the transition to injection and heroin use, growing rates of heroin overdose, more hepatitis C infections, and now an HIV outbreak. The deadly lag in addressing demand for opioids has left a fertile ground for heroin to spread to rural and suburban communities that had never had to grapple with heroin before.
Daniel Raymond, Harm Reduction Coalition

What did the 2015 HIV outbreak in Scott County Indiana show us? How are other local, regional and national service and advocacy stakeholders responding? How can new data tools – such as amfAR’s Opioid & Health Indicators database – help us make better informed decisions about our responses? What areas – such as advocacy and Full Service Partnerships (FSPs) – could be leveraged with increased philanthropic investment?

Finally, through a facilitated brainstorming discussion, funders will identify possible opportunities to respond to key issues highlighted in both the day’s panel presentations.

This convening is sponsored by the FCAA Advocacy Network,  established in partnership with amfARFriends of the Global Fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the Kaiser Family Foundation, the National Association of State and Territorial AIDS Directors, the National Minority AIDS CouncilAmerican Jewish World Service, and Open Society Foundations.  The Network was launched in January 2017 to monitor the rapidly evolving political landscape and equip funders with the tools they will need over the next four years.

This will be a funder only event. Please note, teleconference and/or webinar capabilities will be offered for those funders who cannot attend in person, but registration is still required. 

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