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Keeping Wealth in Your Place: Using Transfer of Wealth and Local Investing to Promote Regional Prosperity

Thursday, October 11, 2018 -
2:00pm to 3:00pm EDT
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This webinar is for Forum members and their members.

Regional philanthropic-serving organizations and community foundations have used Transfer of Wealth studies for decades to understand philanthropic potential in their regions and energize and inform donor development strategies. For many communities, this data-driven approach greatly increased the size of many community foundations and contributed to the development of community endowments. Similarly, many saw the growth of unrestricted assets that could be granted to address community need and opportunity. The field and LOCUS are just starting to explore how this type of development strategy relates to and prioritizes local investing efforts by foundations. Take the most obvious connection: donors may be shocked to learn that their gifts to many local community foundations result in a net-divestment from their local economy. Wealth that they had held in a local business, a farm, or stocks in a local company are liquidated and placed in a portfolio of equities and bonds that are then invested across the globe with little attention paid to how those investment dollars contribute to the local economy. This webinar will outline how regional associations and their members can use Transfer of Wealth and local investing to meet current donor demand and strategically retool to capitalize on younger generation interest in impact investing. 

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