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How to Make the Case for Trust-Based Philanthropy Part 2: Organizational Change

Thursday, July 14, 2022 -
2:00pm to 3:30pm EDT
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This is the second in a two-part webinar series hosted by the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project and Orange Country Grantmakers.

Trust-based philanthropy sets a different course for changemaking in which funders work alongside nonprofits and communities, trusting their vision and expertise as we work collectively to advance justice, opportunity, and wellbeing for all. The dissonance of traditional philanthropy is that many of its policies, mindsets, and “best practices'' actually stem from and perpetuate the social, political, and economic inequalities that we are working to resolve. This means that the most transformative and sustainable expressions of trust-based philanthropy call for a reexamination not only of your organization’s grantmaking practices, but also its culture, structures, and leadership approach.

Engaging in this work means building internal trust and dialogue, defining or clarifying trust-based values, reviewing current policies and procedures — all of which takes time and commitment from an organization’s staff and board.

The second webinar in this two-part learning series will focus on how to cultivate the internal support needed for this work of bringing your organization’s values and practices into deeper alignment. Participants will leave with strategies for fostering internal dialogue, understanding, and transparency that will equip your organization in navigating difficult conversations and key inflection points. You’ll hear from foundation leaders who have intentionally built in the time and process to center trust-based values in their work internally in order to fully lean into their commitment to trust-based philanthropy externally.

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