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How to Make the Case for Trust-Based Philanthropy Part 1: Grantmaking Practices

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 -
2:00pm to 3:30pm EDT
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This is the first in a two-part webinar series hosted by the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project and Orange Country Grantmakers.

Rooted in the values of advancing equity, shifting power, and building relationships, trust-based philanthropy has gained traction as an alternative to the traditional funder-driven, compliance-oriented approach to philanthropy. While many in philanthropy are embracing a trust-based ethos and seek to shift attitudes and practices within their organizations, an investment of time and energy is needed to make these changes and therefore leadership buy-in is critical.

The first of this two-part webinar series will address how foundation staff at any level can champion a trust-based approach from within and will unpack the rationale for adopting trust-based philanthropy from three standpoints:

  • How it benefits the funder;
  • How it benefits nonprofit partners; and
  • How it furthers philanthropy’s collective values and goals.

Attendees will take away resources, examples, and talking points to make the case to your own leadership or board, as well as specific next actions you can pursue to move your organization forward on its trust-based journey.

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