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#FOTH2024 Spotlight Presentation: The National Study on DAFs Report Release

The Donor Advised Fund Research Collaborative (DAFRC) releases its groundbreaking National Study on DAFs in February 2024.  Informed by data provided by community foundations and other DAF sponsors throughout the United States, this study is the most comprehensive research project on DAFs to date.  This new work builds upon the field’s existing knowledge of DAFs and explores new areas of concern to DAF sponsors, donors, and grant recipients.

The study would not have been possible without the efforts of PSOs and participants from last year’s FOTH, who expressed enormous support for the project.  Join us during FOTH 2024’s main stage session to hear two of the study’s authors – DAFRC researchers Brittany Kienker and Jeff Williams — host a conversation about the report’s key findings and their implications for funders nationally.  During this session moderated by Regina Bell, Chief Policy Officer of Council of Michigan Foundations, participants can ask questions and explore the report’s results within the context of emerging challenges and opportunities for DAFs and the field at large.

Date & Time: 
Monday, February 26, 2024 - 2:40pm EST
Grand Ballroom – Salon I & II (Ballroom Level)