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Panel Discussion - Tax Policy and Philanthropy's Role in Finding Equitable Solutions Driven by Data

Since 1969, philanthropy has had a keen interest in federal tax policy, and it's impact on the sector. As the sector's public policy work has evolved, focus and efforts have expanded to include federal and state tax policies that impact communities the sector serves. 

During this session, #FOTH2023 attendees will hear from tax policy experts, as they examine current trends facing philanthropy and the broader charitable sector. Panelists will also discuss strategies to address those trends and evaluate the importance of the use of data in tax policy discussions.

From addressing the charitable deduction during the 118th Congress and the current state of data on DAFs, to uplifting state policy considerations that may advance equity, this wide-ranging discussion will help attendees understand how to approach the ever-changing tax policy landscape. 

Date & Time: 
Monday, February 27, 2023 -
1:35pm to 2:45pm EST