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Panel Discussion – A Call to Action: The Philanthropic Sector’s Role in Ensuring an Equitable Census

The 2030 Census may seem far away, but decisions made over the coming months and years will greatly impact the fairness and accuracy of the 2030 count and of the related American Community Survey (ACS) that occurs throughout the decade. This is why funders and practitioners are coordinating efforts earlier than ever to ensure the Census Bureau centers historically undercounted communities in all of its work. The impacts of this once-a-decade activity on data, resources, and political representation require our collective engagement. 

Join this session to learn how funders and philanthropy serving organizations can act now to support a fair and accurate 2030 Census and ACS. You’ll hear the latest on a range of issues from congressional appropriations needs and a timeline on regulatory priorities to how community groups are leveraging census infrastructure to strengthen our democracy. 

Date & Time: 
Thursday, April 7, 2022 - 1:15pm EDT