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The Employee Experience Summit

Thursday, May 17, 2018 -
8:15am to 3:15pm CDT
Chicago, IL
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On May 17, join us in Chicago, IL for a day-long Summit on Employee Experience.

The Employee Experience Summit will bring together all the stakeholders to discuss how companies are steering the employee experience to increase employee engagement, create meaningful volunteer opportunities, provide leadership development, and raise awareness of corporate citizenship activities. You’ll hear how others are doing it, learn about different tools available to help the process, and walk away with insights on how to use the wheel others have created in your own company. Unlike other ACCP events, which are open only to professionals currently employed in a Corporate Citizenship capacity, The Summit has an open door policy. The broader corporate citizenship community stakeholders are welcome to attend Summits. ACCP recognizes that there are many topics and issues that require collaboration with vendors, consultants, academia, NGOs and other community partners. The Summit is the format that will allow stakeholders from all corners of the corporate citizenship community to connect around a specific issue.

Thank you to our host, Aon!

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