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Authentic Brands and Practical Wisdom: Tips for Successfully and Efficiently Navigating the Rebranding Process

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 2:00pm EST
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Whether you are considering a brand “refresh” or facing a full rebranding effort, this webinar offers participants a common sense look at planning for the process: how long will it take? who should be involved?  what about the budget?  We’ll talk about discovering your authentic brand through a deep look at mission, vision and values to create a powerful institutional narrative, not just a new “look.”

MPK&D partnered with United Philanthropy Forum to co-create the new brand identity.  The process ensured engagement from key stakeholders and leveraged organizational talent to achieve maximum cost efficiencies.  Additionally, MKP&D partnered with Connecticut Council for Philanthropy on their brand refresh so they understand the PSO world.

MPK&D’s Founding Partner Patricia Bosse and United Philanthropy Forum’s Maggie Osborn are pleased to offer this webinar and share practical advice, lessons learned and tips for managing your process with energy, excitement and efficiency. 

Audience: PSO staff looking for practical information on what to consider when you are thinking about your brand.

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