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AAPIP at 30: Solidarity Matters

Monday, June 8, 2020 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT
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AAPIP is turning 30 at a time when a new virus has forced an unprecedented level of physical and social isolation while simultaneously punctuating how interconnected we are as a society – indeed as a global community. It has also re-introduced a new wave of xenophobia directed against Asians in this country, a familiar, but no less disturbing phenomenon and underscores the need for an organization like AAPIP.

AAPIP kicks off its 30th anniversary year with a theme that uplifts racial solidarity at a time when divisions are purposefully sown and national despair wins the race to the bottom. While these tensions have caused profound impacts on “marginalized” communities, we know that these attacks are neither new nor will they end as the United States remains on track to become a “majority minority” country by 2040. AAPIP at 30: Solidarity Matters actively plants seeds of solidarity within the large AAPI diaspora and across racial groups to take root and blossom over the next several decades, weaving a new narrative that supports the full participation of AAPIs in a vibrant and inclusive multi-racial democracy.  It is a narrative that is based in the love of humanity, valuing all gender identities and all levels of developmental and physical abilities.

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