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Reimagining Equitable Access to Data, Tools, and Services

Although many in our sector have explicitly stated intentions to address equity gaps in philanthropy, it's time to convert those intentions to concrete action. Candid will be joined by two partners — a Funding Information Network partner and a community foundation — to discuss, in detail, how we are working to advance racial equity through our efforts to identify and remove barriers and, leading by example, how we might influence the sector more broadly to encourage the advancement of more equitable practices. Each panelist will openly and transparently share the feedback and criticisms we have received that prompted us to reevaluate how our operations create blockers to advancing equity, and the steps we are taking to remove those barriers. The discussion will provide concrete examples to model best practices for others with the same goal: a more equitable, impactful sector for all. 

The conversation will detail how each of the three panelists is focusing their efforts to address institutional and interpersonal bias, a lack of social capital, lower visibility among funders and donors, fewer resources, and gaps in capacity — all of which are oft-cited barriers to funding among Black-led, Black-serving, and other organizations led by or serving communities of color. Candid will share details on the new Equitable Access department, a team of experienced, creative, and thoughtful folks who are committed to ensuring that all nonprofits have the same opportunity to secure funding.  

Date & Time: 
Tuesday, July 18, 2023 -
11:00am to 12:00pm EDT
Wilder (4th Floor)