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Moving from Data to Advocacy

Join Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) as we discuss ways to collect and analyze data as PSO's and explore how we can move beyond the numbers to create meaningful tools for philanthropic advocacy.

This session will feature a case study of FCAA's recent work mapping philanthropic funding to the 57 heavily burdened jurisdictions outlined in the federal Ending the HIV Epidemic Initiative, which documented significant disparities in the distribution of federal funds. The case study will share the collaboration process required to bring that data online and why it was important to connect it with prevalence and demographic data on the impacts of the Epidemic in the U.S.; how FCAA intends to use this data to help frame HIV as a racial and gender justice issue, highlighting for intersectional and place-based funders how HIV is relevant to their localities, communities, or issues of focus; and how the Forum's Knowledge Management Collaborative has been pivotal in supporting the tools to advance this work.

Following the case study, a panel of national and regional PSOs will engage in an open conversation about the role data plays in their advocacy and programming, and how it's shaped the way they engage on key intersectional issues. 

The collective goal will be to illustrate how data can bring philanthropic advocacy to life and inspire a brainstorming session among attendees around their own potential data collection and advocacy. 

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, July 19, 2023 -
10:30am to 11:30am EDT
Ziegfeld (4th Floor)