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Collaborating Across Sectors and PSOs for Climate, Health, and Equity

Building on the session at last year's Forum Conference, we will share lessons learned from a PSO collaboration bringing together representatives from the public, philanthropic, health, and grassroots and non-profit sectors for further learning, relationship-building, and information-sharing with two grounding questions threaded throughout:

  • How can federal and philanthropic resources better address climate change, health, and equity priorities of communities?
  • What actions are needed to ensure that public and philanthropic resources benefit communities and populations who are highly impacted by climate change and other stressors?

In this session, participants will hear an overview of lessons learned from the project and have an opportunity to do a deeper dive into participant-identified conversations on topics including:

  • how this collaboration created a container to enable relationship-building, difficult conversations, and allowed for feedback and accountability across sectors and power differences;
  • needs identified from grassroots organizations on how funders can make it easier to get funding to community organizations;
  • needs identified for the public sector in ensuring that federal funds are allocated to projects that meaningfully address community concerns around climate, health, and equity;
  • elements of a pragmatic roadmap to federal funding; and
  • how to identify false climate solutions and resource organizations working to fight them.
Date & Time: 
Tuesday, July 18, 2023 -
11:00am to 12:00pm EDT
Ziegfeld (4th Floor)