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The Responsibility (and Opportunity!) that Most PSO's Miss: Migrant Justice as Racial Justice

Perhaps foundations in your own network have said it: "We don't fund immigration." This damaging, all-too-common phrase in philanthropy masks an important truth: migrant justice is racial justice. Without funding the power and dignity that immigrants and refugees so often lead, funders are missing out on a crucial opportunity to advance equity, support families, and build community in their own backyard.

In the last few years alone, pro-immigrant and pro-refugee groups have resettled refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine, advocated for the specific needs of queer migrants, organized Black-led groups in a model of mutual aid, strengthened safeguards for our democracy and focused attention on urgent climate emergencies, all while sounding a constant message of welcome. 

Yet NCRP's latest research has found that in the last decade, the pro-immigrant, pro-refugee movement's share of all foundation grants has shrunk by 11%, even as foundations themselves have grown richer. Too many foundations and major donors have ignored groups that are adept at advocating for their communities and holding political leaders accountable. Because of this, we all face more precarity today.

In this interactive, welcoming session, we'll collaborate to change that. Join us to explore how your PSO can lead and help create a more beautiful future for everyone. 

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, July 19, 2023 -
10:30am to 11:30am EDT
Odets (4th Floor)