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Integrating Trust-Based Programming to Advance Your Bold Vision for Philanthropy

Trust-based philanthropy has gained widespread attention as an effort to address the inequitable power dynamics between funders and nonprofits. Not coincidentally, this growing interest is occurring at a time of significant power-reckoning in philanthropy that includes a much more intentional embrace of racial equity, a critical look at board governance and leadership development, and growing experimentation around participatory and more community-centric philanthropy.  

While the dominant perception of trust-based philanthropy is that it’s about multiyear unrestricted funding and streamlined paperwork, the core of trust-based philanthropy is about addressing and alleviating power imbalances and showing up to be in real relationship with nonprofit partners.

As our sector continues to grapple with the implications of a global pandemic, deep-rooted racial injustice, and mounting climate crisis, PSOs play a critically important role in pushing for a bolder vision for the future of the sector. How can we take advantage of the growing buzz around trust-based philanthropy to actualize this vision? How can we connect the dots among our programming strategies, experiment with new partnerships, and use this moment as an opportunity to reinforce a vision for philanthropy that is actionable, more community-centric, and that genuinely supports the change we want to see?

In this discussion among four regional PSOs, you’ll learn how trust-based programming was used in creative ways to help members self-reflect, learn with intention, and take bold actions toward advancing a more power-conscious, equitable approach to philanthropy. From webinar series, to structured cohorts, to pooled funds, to video-based trainings, these four PSOs are thinking boldly and creatively about how to leverage the learnings and tools from the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project to push dialogue and action among members. 

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, July 20, 2022 -
9:45am to 11:00am PDT
Grand Ballroom I (4th Floor)