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The Future of Philanthropy

Over the last 2+ years we’ve witnessed numerous promises, pledges and calls to action for institutional philanthropy to change how it does its work, from more fully embracing trust-based philanthropy principles to supporting more organizations and movements working to advance racial equity and racial justice, including more support for organizations led by people of color. We’ve also witnessed changes in how individual donors are giving, such as new thinking on how to give from high-net-worth donors like MacKenzie Scott to the continued growth of giving circles, donor advised funds and other philanthropic vehicles. What will all of this mean for the future of philanthropy, and what is the role of philanthropy-serving organizations to ensure the best possible future for our field and our communities?

Date & Time: 
Tuesday, July 19, 2022 -
8:00am to 9:45am PDT
Grand Ballroom II & III (4th Floor)