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Where Does Philanthropy Go From Here?

We are experiencing an extraordinary inflection point right now for our country and the field of philanthropy. Facing a global pandemic that has resurfaced deep and sustained racial inequities in our country, a global economic crisis, and growing calls for action for racial justice in our country, philanthropy is being challenged anew to be bold and take new risks; to rethink how it does its work and how it leads in this moment. To help us explore where philanthropy goes from here, Ami Patel of the Women’s Foundation of Oregon will moderate a conversation with Dr. Carmen Rojas, who on June 1 became the new President & CEO of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, and Luz Vega-Marquis, who retired from that same position after leading the organization for nearly 20 years—marking the first-ever Latina to Latina transition in major philanthropy. They’ll help us envision how philanthropy and philanthropy-serving organizations can best step up in the current moment to ensure the brightest possible future for our communities. 

Date & Time: 
Thursday, July 23, 2020 -
2:15pm to 3:30pm EDT