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Opening Plenary: A Conversation with Michelle DePass & Brenda Solorzano

Michelle DePass, President and CEO of Meyer Memorial Trust and Brenda Solorzano, President and CEO of the Headwaters Foundation will have a conversation moderated by Phil Li, President and CEO, Robert Sterling Clark Foundation about Where we have been, where we are today and how philanthropy needs to change to meet both this moment and for the future in service to the common good.  We know the issues about the ever increasing economic divide in America and much of the top 1% are also some of the largest philanthropists but what does that mean for philanthropy in a conversation about social justice? Brenda has spent many years inside the system of philanthropy and Michelle is newly arrived after a career in government and institutions outside philanthropy? How do their perspectives differ and how do they align about what needs to be created to replace what is not working in philanthropy? How do PSOs, and the other philanthropic infrastructure support organizations, participate and help move the sector into a new reality? 

Date & Time: 
Monday, July 13, 2020 -
12:30pm to 1:30pm EDT