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How we think and talk about disasters influences our responses, including decisions on what crises and communities to support, and how and when we provide critical philanthropic resources.

By continuing to use the phrase natural disasters, we position disasters as something we cannot control and have no influence over. Dr. Ilan Kelman, author of the book, “Disasters by Choice,” says that the phrase “natural disaster” is inaccurate and creates a sense of helplessness. Rather, he says, “Disasters come from vulnerability, not from hazards originating in nature.”

We invite you to join a conversation between Dr. Kelman and Tiffany Benjamin, CEO of the Humana Foundation and CDP board president, as they explore what it means for donors to stop thinking of disasters as “natural.”

At the end of this webinar, donors will:

  • Understand why it’s time to stop calling disasters “natural.”
  • Expand their thinking on the links between climate change and disasters.
  • Discover why a shift in narrative on disasters can change philanthropic decision-making on when, why and how to conduct disaster giving.

While primarily aimed at funders, it may also interest emergency managers, government staff, academics, disaster responders and nongovernmental organization staff who are interested in or working on disasters and other crises.

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