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Philanthropy New York hosts group informational interviews to explore career paths in the philanthropic sector, as part of our "Interested in Working at a Foundation" series. This year, we will learn about the field of philanthropy from the perspectives of professionals in the sector. 

Join us as they share perspectives from administrative and grantmaking roles within a foundation and discuss their career path in the philanthropic sector. 

Philanthropy New York members who receive requests for informational interviews from jobseekers may refer those individuals to us for this session.

What will you learn?

  • The advantages and challenges of a career in philanthropy
  • The range of jobs at an organization and some general day-to-day responsibilities
  • The structure and possible priorities of foundations you may encounter during your job search
  • A realistic picture of the competencies foundations may value in potential new hires and the number of jobs available in the field at a given time

This session will not include

  • Specific job leads
  • Referrals
  • Individual interviews with contacts within the field


Who should attend?

Individuals interested in learning about careers in the field of philanthropy. What to expect: presentation followed by Q&A.

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