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Communications Peer Community

Each philanthropy-serving organization (PSO), depending on its size, scope of its membership, and needs of its constituents, has something unique to offer to the field of philanthropy. The ability to share this information and these experiences with colleagues is one of the Forum's top priorities. Resources for PSOs in this area are easily accessible on this page including resources around social media, working with the media, and marketing and branding. If you have resources to share, please share them online or by emailing Courtney Moore.

Communications Peer Community

The Communications Peer Community is for those with a communications role at a PSO. Topics for discussion may include newsletter, social media strategy, website and other content curation, writing op-eds, etc.

  • Communications Listserv ( You must be a member of the Forum & this Peer Community to post to this list.
  • Three round-robin calls per year
  • In-person meeting at Forum’s Annual Conference

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Forum Staff Lead:Courtney Moore, (202-888-7428),


Kristina ("Yna") C. Moore, Senior Director of Communications National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Yna brings with her over ten years of experience in the nonprofit and public sectors. Prior to joining NCRP in 2006, she served as associate director of communications for the international security think tank Henry L. Stimson Center, which she initially joined in 2004 as program coordinator of the Security for A New Century project. Yna also was a program associate for the International START Secretariat, a nonprofit focused on assisting developing country scientists conduct research on global environmental change, where she was responsible for managing grants and projects. She served as a desk officer for ASEAN Affairs at the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.

Yna holds an M.A. in Technology and International Public Policy from the University of Denver and a B.A. in Social Sciences from the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines.

Working with the Media

More and more regional and national philanthropy-serving organizations are becoming a go-to source on philanthropy for media professionals. Below are sample policies for how our members work with the media.

Secrets of the Media Savvy

An excellent tipsheet of Do's and Don'ts during the interview process with media developed by Tom Wadsworth of Wadsworth Communications.

MCF Process for Handling Media Calls

This policy details the internal process for handling calls from the media at Minnesota Council on Foundations. 

MCF Media Call Information Notes

A template that organizes crucial and common information for responding to and documenting a media inquiry.

Marketing and Branding

Sample Communications Plans, Goals & Templates

Sample communications plans, goals, email templates and marketing calendars used by philanthropy-serving organizations to guide their communications work.

Community Foundations: Local Partners in Promoting Philanthropy

A guide to understanding, recruiting, and retaining community foundation members.

Corporate Foundations and Giving Programs: Philanthropy's Place in Business

A similar guide for corporate foundation members.

Family Foundations: A High-growth Force for Philanthropy

The final guide in the series, aimed at recruiting and retaining family foundation members. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an essential tool to managing your website, spotting trends, and serving your members' interests.

Listserve Discussion Website Traffic Benchmarking

This spreadsheet compiles ongoing Google Analytics bench marking research among regional associations.

Google Analytics Goal Identification Worksheet

This worksheet developed by Minnesota Council on Foundations helps Google Analytics users identify goals for their sites.

Website Optimization Worksheet

Minnesota Council on Foundations developed this worksheet to help Google Analytics users optimize their website to top search engine results, improve user experience, and accomplish organizational goals.