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Common Grant Applications

In many areas of the country, grantmakers jointly created and accepted a "common grant application" (CGA) from potential grantee organizations, to ease both the application and the grant review processes. These CGAs are generally used in a particular geographic region, with the area's regional association of grantmakers serving as the leader/facilitator for such an effort.

Fourteen regional associations of grantmakers, who are members of the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, initiated the development of a Common Grant Application. Some also use a corresponding Common Grant Report form. It is important to remember that:
  • not all regions have a CGA
  • not all grantmakers in a region accept it and may still prefer their own personalized application materials
  • CGAs are updated from time to time
The following regions developed and use Common Grant Applications, available through their regional associations of grantmakers:
* Also have common grant reporting forms
Other grant writing resources
Please check with that regional association to ensure that:
  • you have the latest version of the application
  • the particular foundations in that region you are targeting accept it