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America Gives More Act 2015 (H.R. 644)

The House of Representatives passed the America Gives More Act of 2015 (H.R.644) in February by a vote of 279 to 137.  
This year’s version of the America Gives More Act contains four key components: 
  1. IRA Charitable Rollover: Restore and make permanent the tax incentive that allows individuals age 70½ and older to make donations to charitable nonprofits without suffering adverse tax consequences.
  2. Food Donations: Restore and make permanent an expanded tax deduction for small businesses that donate their food inventory, and expand to allow farmers and ranchers to take a deduction for donations of fresh produce, dairy, and meat. 
  3. Conservation Easement Donations: Restore and make permanent an expanded tax deduction to promote donation of land for conservation purposes.  
  4. Foundation Excise Tax: Set a single excise tax rate of 1 percent on net investment income for private foundations. 
The bill will now go to the Senate where the timing for consideration is unknown. See how the House voted.

Talking Points

Looking for inspiration? Check out these talking points from our colleagues around the field.

Council on Foundations

National Council of Nonprofits

Independent Sector

Sample RA Communications

America Gives More Act RA Communications with Senators

Examples of regional associations communications with U.S. Senators around the America Gives More Act.

America Gives More Act RA Communications with Members

Examples of regional association communications with their members and policy groups around the America Gives More Act.

America Gives More Act RA Member Actions

Regional association members are reaching out to their Senators and supporting the America Gives More Act. Here you'll find sample documents as examples of member action.

America Gives More Act Op-Eds by Regional Associations

Regional Associations and their members are leading the public discussion on the America Gives More Act as shown by this collection of op-ed's authored by RA CEOs.

Take Action

What can you do to engage your members and Members of Congress? Here are some common tactics used by your fellow regional associations:

  • Letters/communications to Senate
  • RA staff calls with Senate staff
  • Communications with RA member encouraging members to contact their senators
  • Roundtable meetings with Senators, staff, RA staff and members
  • Op-eds
  • Educational articles included in RA blogs, websites and newsletters
  • Joint communications from RA and nonprofit state association.

Latest Updates

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Tax policy remains on the Congressional agenda in Washington, DC that will positively impact charitable giving and foundation grants.

It's Time to Push the Senate to Take Action 

As U.S. Senators return to the home states from Washington, it's time to engage them with an important message: Support the America Gives More Act! 

House of Representatives Passes "America Gives More Act"

The United States House of Representatives passed the bipartisan "American Gives More Act of 2014," a legislative package that makes the IRA charitable rollover permanent and simplifies the excise tax on private foundations, both positions supported by many regional associations.